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Yeasayer + Casey Reas + Aranda\Lasch: Fragrant World Tour 2012


About the Video

When Yeasayer approached us to help them create an immersive, artistic experience of light and color for their new live show, we enlisted the help of software art pioneer Casey Reas to do something he's never done before—conceive the stage design and visuals.

Taking inspiration from laboratory outposts, research stations and communications hubs, Reas envisioned a fractured time-space environment that utilizes the visual phenomena of reflection and refraction to create warped and glitchy tour visuals that collapse the physical environment of the stage in on itself. The design features several elements that include light beacons resembling signal towers, mirrored sculptures and projections that will combine with the music to compose a sublimely orchestrated audiovisual spectacle. Architecture and design firm Aranda/Lasch, who have designed for MoMA and the Venice Architecture Biennials, designed the crystalline mirrored sculptures that will serve as the canvas for Yoshi Sodeoka’s Yeasayer videos and custom visuals developed by Reas and Aaron Meyers (who was part of the technical team behind Chris Milk’s epic installation, Treachery of Sanctuary). Meyers also created custom software that will allow Yeasayer to control video manipulations of the projections on stage, in synch with their performance, as well as a motion capture app that will map and warp the band member’s faces during the show. Architectural fabricators Asteriskos helped bring the ambitious tour environment to life. The elaborate set will tour with Yeasayer through all of their fall tour dates.


At a glance

For Yeasayer's new live show, they approached The Creators Project to help them create an immersive, artistic experience of light and color. Production Credits:
Artist direction and software: Casey Reas
Design: Aranda\Lasch
Fabrication: Asteriskos
Videos: Yoshi Sodeoka
Software: Aaron Meyers
Projection: Nicholas Gould
Photos and video courtesy of Asteriskos and Danny Dewes