Exploring The In-Camera Effects Of Oblivion

With the proliferation of motion graphic software and the abundance of movies that are set in fantastical or imaginary worlds, most visual effects are done in post-production. Footage is green-screened and then the sci-fi interfaces or strange landscapes or monsters or whatever are added afterwards. Just look at the The Avengers movie, whose spectacular FX reel showcases Industrial Light & Magic's expert tinkering. Or the new Iron Man 3 film which the director says "has as many, if not more, visual-effects shots than Avengers."

But while CGI undeniably allows for scenes which might be impossible to film, there's another way of doing FX. And that's using in-camera special effects, which are essentially created in front of the camera rather than added in post. A recent example of this is the effects created for Oblivion, directed by Joseph Kosinski and starring Tom Cruise. The effects weren't exclusively in-camera, but where possible these were used as much as they could to add a certain visual integrity to the film's aesthetic.

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