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At a glance

Blonde ambition.

Aliases: Kwon Ji Yong; GD
Location: Seoul, South Korea
Profession: Musician, frontman of Big Bang, co-founder of GD & TOP
Label: YG Entertainment
Discography: As G-Dragon, Shine Amperes Light (2010) and Heartbreaker (2009); as GD & TOP, GD & TOP Vol.1 (2010); as Big Bang, Bigbang Vol.1 (2006), Number 1 (2008), Remember (2008), Big Bang (2009), Big Bang 2 (2011), Alive (2012)
Notables: Mnet Asian Music Award for Heartbreaker, Album of the Year (2009); Arena magazine awards for Style Icon and Most Influential Men of 2008
Connect: Facebook; YouTube