Karol Conka At The Creators Project: São Paulo 2012

Karol Conka was the talk of Brazil before her recent show at our 2012 São Paulo event, and lived up to the hype—and then some—when she and Nave totally rocked out on stage.

After her incredible performance, we filmed Conka rapping the extremely good vibes of her new song "Corre, Corre Erê" in front of some of the artworks. The party started with Minha Yang's Meditation 1208~, before she danced through Cantoni & Crescenti's reflective Wall, rearranged the colored pixel cubes of Zigelbaum + Coelho's Six-Forty by Four-Eighty, shimmied in front of SuperUber's interactive mobile game OctoCloud, and eventually took flight in Chris Milk's The Treachery of Santuary.