We Love 1024 BOOM-Box Overview

Last June, The Creators Project and WeLoveArt teamed up to bring Richie Hawtin to Paris' Grand Palais to perform within Anish Kapoor’s massive Leviathan sculpture. To re-enact this type of monumental event, we again joined forces with WeLoveArt to bring a giant digital ghettoblaster to life at our We Love 1024 BOOM-Box event in Paris.

The BOOM-Box structure conjures up both nostalgic memories of a lo-tech music-loving childhood and visions of a post-digital sci-fi party. Built by our Creators 1024 architecture, the large steel structure and stage-of-the-art stage design tool was thought up specifically for live performance. It was projection mapped in real time by the 1024 team, thanks to their homemade MadMapper software. Though it looks highly sophisticated, surrounded by new technologies looking as complex to maneuver as a spaceship, rest assured, it was ultimately controlled by nothing more than a PS3 controller. This futuristic stage served as an uncanny setting for an Pan-European round-up of the best electronic DJs: Miss Kittin, Jackson, Actress and the acid founding fathers LFO. The crowd went wild as they saw their favorite DJs warped by a laser ray performance in a larger-than-life animated object. See more from this extraordinary event, and find out how 1024 architecture “make image and reality match” in our behind-the-scenes video above.