Jang Kiha and the Faces

The Creators Project: When did you form the band? Can you tell us a bit about its members?

Jang Kiha: Our band started in 2008, and we have produced a single album so far. The band consists of six members: I play the role of singer and a songwriter, sometimes playing an instrument. Our bassist is Jung Joon Hyuk, our guitarist is Lee Min Ki, and our drummer is Kim Hyun Ho. We also play with a team called the Mimi Sisters who are in charge of dancing, creating the atmosphere, and singing the choruses.

Were you involved in music before forming the Faces?

I was previously a drummer in many bands, but my own songs started to pile up, so I decided to create my own band with the people I’ve gotten to know during my career.

Your live show is really different from other Korean acts. How did you develop it?

Well, when we first made our band, the number one priority was obviously to make good songs. But for the audience, especially when an unknown band performs for the first time, they want something more fun and enjoyable. I think we just wanted to make everything more fun. In the early days, our band performed in small clubs, and since no other indie bands had dancers dancing while the lead singer sang, we thought we would try that. Enjoyment for the crowd was always the first thing in our minds.

What do you think about the indie rock scene in Korea?

The Korean indie scene, just like many other countries, features a wide selection of musical genres and produces great music. But we don’t get the same kind of acknowledgement and recognition as in other places. Most of our fans are people who regularly attend our shows. The media industry plays a big role in music advertising, I do think it’s improved compared to couple years ago.

What inspires your music?

First of all, I don’t think I’ve made any music when I was feeling good. In fact, you don’t need to make music when you’re feeling good because you can just live your life then. But when you’re feeling depressed, sad, or lonely, you create a situation that allows you to concentrate and think on your own. It is then that I am able to think up of melodies and lyrics.